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Psychology Personal Statement Sample

psychology personal statement sampleAre you looking for some great ideas for your psychology personal statement? There is nothing more useful than checking psychology personal statement samples then! Our writers are ready to share their experience with you – check this psychology personal statement example and be ready to craft your own masterpiece. If you feel lack of time, you may also ask our experts to craft a personal statement based on your resume. Already have a draft, but want to improve it? Don’t hesitate to request our professional psychology personal statement editing!

Psychology Personal Statement Sample

There are a great number of hurdles and challenges facing people suffering from psychological disorders. In the current state of society, there is an extreme sense of social stigma when referring to mental diseases. Having worked closely with many patients in a psychiatric ward, I have learned that many times the lack of empathy leads to recurrence and worsening of symptoms. I had the opportunity to interact with people suffering from abnormalities ranging from bipolar disorder to Kleifen-Hotts Syndrome, and it inspired me to pursue my degree in psychology. I hope to be able to pursue a graduate degree in Psychology to create more effective methods for communicating and dealing with individuals with psychiatric conditions.

Working with multiple patients in a psychiatric ward, I realized that treatment for these disorders starts with a sense of understanding. For the first few weeks, I memorized a long list of what not to do when I was around certain patients. However, the patients later told me that such actions make them feel more alienated and abnormal than ever. I began to see my patients as people rather than lists of regulations, and soon I became good friends with many of them. Each and every one of them is a person that has responsibilities and emotions just as all of us do. Through my training in psychology, I aim to bring forth this understanding throughout society.

My research has inspired me to take on more projects involving the treatment of different diseases. I believe that the nuances of each disorder must be properly understood and combined with knowledge of individual circumstances to create a holistic and comprehensive treatment plan. I hope that with a degree in abnormal psychology, I can make a great difference in the field by focusing on exploring the patient experience.

With our psychology personal statement sample you’ll know what to do. In case you have a problem, just simply contact us!